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Kontax Stirling Engines designs and manufactures a wide range of low and high temperature Stirling engines, thermo acoustic engines and wood burning stove fans. All design manufacture and assembly is carried out in our purpose built workshop in the beautiful Thames Valley in southeast England.

Our outstanding reputation has been built on high quality and attention to detail. Customers range from individual enthusiasts all the way up to corporate multi-nationals. If you want a unique gift for a friend or relative or need a high quality corporate promotional item then you have come to the right place.

For corporate customers we are able to offer laser engraving of mottos and logos

We also manufacture the wood burning stove fan. If you have a wood burning stove you can put this Stirling engine powered fan on it and it will circulate the warm air from the stove around the room using only the heat from the stove.


KS160 Black LTD



KS80 Solar LTD


  Front of KS90 Black

KS90 Black LTD



KS90 blue LTD



KS90 Polished LTD



KS90 Solar LTD



KS90R Black Ross LTD



KS90R Solar Ross LTD



KS90S Solar Inverted LTD



KS90T Black Twin LTD



KS90T Polished Twin LTD



KS90T Solar Twin LTD